Piano Lesson Testimonials

Kristin taught my middle school son piano. She was wonderful! Not only is she a talented musician, Kristin is a fun and inspirational teacher. He learned. He often plays on his own and keeps up with jazz band in school. At this age sports, academics, video games and friends compete for attention and I give Kristin full credit for cultivating his interest in music.

--Lydia M., parent

I have been taking piano lessons for just under a year now and Kristin is absolutely amazing. She is so good at making things easy to understand and comes up with ideas to help me learn better. I took her music theory class as well which was a complete game changer on understanding the piano and music as a whole. I can't recommend Kristin enough for anyone that's interested in piano and music.

--Eric S., adult

Voice Lesson Testimonials

In the relatively short period that I've taken lessons with Kristin, she has done an incredible job with guiding my voice where I want to take it, focusing on repertoire and performance with me since those are areas in which I lack experience. That is to say: Kristin recognized that switching to the approach of singing music rather than just exercises would actually help me with my abilities more, which was counterintuitive to me at the time. But, the proof is in the pudding! To name a few qualities that Kristin exhibits during our lessons... ★ She keeps me on track, balancing the topic at hand with small windows of normal conversation! ★ She is clearly familiar with the anatomy of the voice, having been able to articulate to me precisely what is happening in my neck, throat, sinuses, etc. ★ She knows how to adapt to each student. In my case, she finds ways to distract me from or quickly move past the self-conscious voice in my head that pipes up when I make a mistake, moving forward with the lesson instead of focusing on fixing one small thing. To my joy, my mental self-critique doesn't have as nearly as much of an emotional hold on me as it used to, becoming more calm and analytical when it comes to addressing an issue without the baggage. The result is that the *process* of singing has become so much more of a joy to participate in! Overall, I would be quick to recommend Kristin to voice students of any level!

--Joseph H., adult

I have had the pleasure of working with Kristin on jazz vocals for several years now, and always looked forward to every lesson. She is an extraordinary teacher and performer who tailors lessons to not only meet but also push my musical boundaries, fostering confidence and creativity. I always appreciate Kristin's emphasis on the interconnectedness between body and voice, incorporating physical movement. Simply put - she's the best!

--Fiona K., adult college student

Ultimate Muisc Theory Class Reviews

I've been afraid to study music theory for (literally) DECADES. The topic has been utterly baffling, daunting, and intimidating, making it that much easier to deny myself of learning it. My early piano teachers had a teaching style that wasn't helpful to me: shaming and perfectionistic. It simply wasn't fun to learn! Dr. Sponcia teaches her music theory courses with a warm, engaging, and relaxed energy. This approach makes this fearful student more comfortable asking questions in class, admitting when I'm confused, or reaching out to Dr. Sponcia outside of class for additional support and clarification. Her willingness and generosity to do this suits my learning process, as the material can take a bit of time to sink in and questions arise throughout the week. Knowing it's okay to reach out to Dr. Sponcia in between classes is a relief and a gift. She knows her music theory, that's for sure! But she also knows how to connect with her students in a compassionate, yet clear and motivating way. Her ability to make this topic approachable, fun, and not-so-scary is priceless to this timid student.

--Liz T., adult

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