Sponcia songs custom songwriting

You probably have questions.  I have answers!

Q: How does this process work?

A: You book a free consultation with me here to discuss the details of the song.  The creative process and recording process will take approximately one month.

That consists of me recording our free consult and taking copious notes while listening to it upon playback.  From the information you provided about the song topic and scope, I will channel my creative juju into writing lyrics, a melody, and choosing the right chords and beat.

When I have a rough version finished, I will reach out and schedule a song reveal session.  This will be your first opportunity to hear the song when I perform it live for you over Zoom.  It's also the first chance you have to suggest edits.

I will consider your suggestions seriously and move forward with the final version.  We will meet once more on Zoom to do the final song reveal. At this point, you will either give your approval or ask for a refund.

I will move forward with the recording process (no refunds once this process has begun).  Upon completion, your song will be emailed to you in mp3 format.  You can listen and share to your heart's content!

Listen to my original song "Lucky Girl"

Q: Why would someone order a custom song?

A: Custom songs are probably one of the most unique, personalized, and memorable gifts you could give to someone.  Expect smiles, tears, laughter, even all three!  The most popular demographic to place custom song orders is that of couples. Proposals, engagements,  weddings, and anniversaries are all occasions for which custom songs have made their special day even more memorable.

It's also common for influencers, podcasters, and businesses to order a custom song to add to their "brand." These songs can include lyrics that highlight mission statements, causes they support, and/or engage an audience of followers, listeners, or employees.  Don't make the mistake of underestimating the impact of a well-crafted song customized to become stuck in the heads of the audience members!


Q: Why did you decide to start a custom songwriting business, Kristin?

A: The opportunity to create a new song tailored to the wishes of my client was irresistible to me.  I love sharing my musical gifts with others, and I have seen how impactful these songs can be.  To be a part of something that makes another person feel special, loved, and appreciated is extremely meaningful to me. 

Creating a song that speaks to an organization--whether it's their mission statement or a cause they support, or something else--is also quite satisfying.  Any opportunity I have to be creative with music is nourishing and invigorating for me!  

Schedule your free consultation today.  The number of orders I can take at one time is limited because of the personalized nature of this work, so don't delay!  I can't wait to work with you!

Custom Song Packages

SILVER PACKAGE ($2500): Your custom song in radio-quality mp3 form.  

GOLD PACKAGE ($3000): SILVER PACKAGE + Custom Lyric Plaque with song lyrics inscribed on it.  A lovely and meaningful physical representation of the custom song.

PLATINUM PACKAGE ($4000): GOLD PACKAGE + Kristin performs virtually or live at your chosen location (does not include costs of performer travel & lodging)

DIAMOND PACKAGE ($5500): PLATINUM Package + Shareable Lyric Video ($5,500)